Thai Gourmet House Cooking School. Praparat founded the Thai Gourmet House Cooking School in 1989 in Scottsdale Arizona to establish an authentic venue for instruction in traditional Thai Culinary Arts in North America. She has been teaching chefs, teachers, recreational cooks and culinary enthusiasts through intimate intensive hands on classes for 18 years. Praparat Sturlin is a formally trained teacher and culinary professional from the Kingdom of Thailand.
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The School

Thai Gourmet House is the home and garden of Praparat Sturlin in Old Town Scottsdale. The school is a charming, tranquil and relaxing setting that provides a comfortable and intimate learning environment for your culinary experience.

Founded 1989 by Praparat Sturlin

The school features both a contemporary indoor kitchen and an open-air Thai-style cooking area.

Thai cuisine is renowned for its use of vibrant flavors and aromatic herbs and spices. As part of the instruction, students learn about the great variety of fresh ingredients used in Thai cooking, many of which are picked fresh from Praparat?s garden.

Hear From Our Students

If you are a Thai Gourmet House student and would like to share your experience, please contact us. Your comments may appear on this page in the near future!

Dear Praparat,
This is Nicholas Wierzba, I really enjoyed learning a bunch of different techniques and cooking a variety of different dishes with you! I feel that the one-on-one/ teacher and student is much better that doing it with a group, simply because the student is able to ask as many questions as that person desires and the teacher can focus more on that one student rather than a whole group. You gave me wonderful advice for my future to come and gave me plenty of insight of what I should expect if I decide to take the culinary root. I will definitely be keeping up with the drills you told me to do so I will become better as I practice. I thank you once again for the wonderful opportunity being able to cook with you and meet you!

— Nicholas Wierzba

Hi Praparat, I have had the opportunity to make everything on two different occasions. It just continues to get better. I told my sister that our Mom who hap passed was the only person that could make great rice. Thanks for teaching me the trick. No more rice cooker for me. The curry ,rolls and desert are just mouthwatering every time. I can't thank you enough. I am so looking forward to another class! Thank you for taking the mystery out of such wonderful food! Warm regards,

— Nina

Praparat has developed the perfect intro to Thai cooking class. From her patient, knowledgeable teaching style, to the classroom layout and organic ingredients, this class is perfect in every way. A great gift or treat for yourself.

— Andrew Ferayorni

Praparat was one of the best chef instructors we have ever had! Very informative. Al and I really enjoyed the class and meeting Praparat and Michael. We can not wait for the opportunity to enjoy another class!

— Al & Wilda Schommer

Praparat Sturlin is professional, precise and has perfected the balance of flavors in food we prepared during the class. The final meal was authentic but slightly altered for the American palette. I will highly recommend your school to everyone!

— Sarah Loukota

Thank you very much for such a great class. You are so good at managing the menu, students and details - I wouldn’t change a thing. I really appreciate the names of the various brands of Thai products. We’ve got to do a reunion class!

— Charles E. Watkins

I am pretty sure my friends and family are tired of hearing all of the details from the weekend. I have not stopped talking about how wonderful the class was not to mention the variety and taste of the dishes we prepared. I would definitely recommend your school to anyone who is looking to learn all about preparation, presentation and instruction in advanced cooking. Thank you and I hope our paths cross again.

— Chrissy Lizaso

Praparat: I just wanted to say, "THANK YOU" so much for Friday night. Stacey and I had a wonderful time and she says it was her "best birthday ever!". Thank you so much for your kindness and teaching... We learned so much and we cooked all weekend! Thanks again and looking forward to cooking with you again some time!

— Scott

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Q. What previous culinary experience is necessary?
A. None at all. Instruction is available for students at all levels.

Q. Does Thai Gourmet House just teach Thai cooking?
A. Of course not. We can design a class by request.

Q. What should I bring to the course?
A. It is not necessary to bring anything. If you wish, you may bring tools you are comfortable working with.

Q. What type of attire do you recommend I wear during class?
A. The requirements are long sleeve top and long pants and closed toe shoes.

Q. Approximately how many students are in each class?
A. It depends on the class, from private 1 person classes to groups of 6 students for hands-on, and up to 15 students for demonstration.

Q. What is the age of most students?
A. Our students are of all ages and with a wide range of experience.

Q. What if I can’t eat spicy food?
A. Not all Thai dishes are spicy or hot. There is something delicious for everyone. Our classes can accommodate any dietary concerns you may have.

Q. What form of payments do you accept?
A. Cash, Check or money order, credit card.

Q. How do I register for a class?
A. classes, or by calling 480.947.1258.

Q. Can do I request a private class of my choice?
A. Yes, of course you can.

Q. What is your cancellation and refund policy?
A. 30 days prior to class date. Please read our cancellation and refund policy.

Q. What are the minimum requirements to reserve a cooking class?
A. Cooking class registrations must be received with payment in full. If this is a gift, we recommend purchasing a
gift certificate.

Q. Can I just show up on a class day and pay?
A. Due to the nature of our classes, we prepare everything in advance for the exact number of students in each class. We are not always able to accommodate last minute enrollment, however, you can always call us at 480.947.1258 to check if there is an available seat open.

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The School
Hear From Our Students

Praparat was educated at the renowned Saovapha Culinary Arts College in Bangkok. This School was established by her Majesty Queen Saovapha Pongsri, the fifth Thai Queen, to preserve and promote Thai culinary theory and traditions. During her culinary training program Praparat received two Awards for Excellence at the Bangkok Bicentennial Culinary Competition. Recognized as an outstanding student, Praparat traveled extensively throughout the Kingdom to demonstrate traditional Thai specialties and culinary art forms at other educational facilities.

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